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Do I need motorbike insurance?

In the UK, you are legally required to have motorbike insurance to ride your motorcycle on public roads. The minimum level of insurance required is compulsory third-party insurance, which provides coverage for liability in case you injure someone else or damage their property while riding your motorcycle.

It’s essential to have proof of insurance, typically in the form of an insurance certificate or an electronic copy, when riding your motorbike. Failing to have the required insurance can result in severe penalties, including fines, points on your driving record, and even the possibility of having your motorcycle seized.

How do I get cheaper motorbike insurance?

Optional extras

Evaluate optional extras, such as personal injury cover, breakdown cover, and legal protection, to determine if they are necessary for your circumstances.


Determine the level of coverage you need based on factors like the type of motorcycle you ride, its value, how often you use it, and where you live.


Improve your motorcycle's security with features like alarms, immobilisers, and tracking devices.

Pay annually

If possible, pay your insurance premium annually instead of in monthly instalments.

Clean driving record

Avoid traffic violations and accidents to maintain a clean driving record.


Taking advanced riding courses and obtaining relevant certifications may make you eligible for discounts from certain insurers.

Bundle policies

Consider bundling your motorbike insurance with other insurance policies, such as car or home insurance, if offered by the same insurer.

Review policies

Review your insurance policy annually upon renewal to ensure it still meets your needs.


You can reduce your premium by opting for a higher voluntary excess (the amount you pay towards a claim).

Types of motorbike insurance

This is the minimum legal requirement for riding a motorcycle in the UK. It provides coverage for liability in case you injure someone else or damage their property while riding your motorcycle. It does not cover damage to your own motorcycle or injuries you may sustain.

TPFT insurance extends the coverage of third-party insurance to include protection against fire damage and theft of your motorcycle. It covers liability for injury or damage to others as well as damage caused by fire or theft to your own motorcycle.

Comprehensive insurance is the most extensive coverage option. It includes all the benefits of TPFT insurance and adds coverage for accidental damage to your own motorcycle. It provides financial protection for a wide range of scenarios, including accidents, vandalism, and weather-related damage.

Motorbike insurance optional extras

Motorbike insurance providers often offer optional extras that you can add to your policy for additional coverage or benefits. These optional extras can enhance your insurance policy to better suit your specific needs and include:

  • Personal injury cover
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal protection
  • Helmets and gear cover
  • Riding abroad (European cover)
  • Key cover
  • No claims discount (NCD) protection
  • Courtesy bike


Need more help?

To make a claim, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible and follow their claims process. You will typically need to provide details about the incident, supporting documents, and any relevant information.

It depends on your insurer and policy. Some insurers may allow you to transfer the coverage to a new motorcycle, while others may require you to purchase a new policy. It’s important to check with your insurer.

Most motorbike insurance policies allow you to cancel at any time, but there may be specific terms and conditions related to cancellations. Review your policy documents for details.

If your motorcycle has modifications or custom parts, you should inform your insurer and may need to add these modifications to your policy to ensure they are adequately covered.

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