Multi-Bike Insurance Policies – Insuring Your Entire Motorcycle Collection

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Owning a collection of motorcycles is more than just a hobby—it’s a passion. Whether you ride for the thrill, the freedom, or the pure love of bikes, each motorcycle in your collection represents a piece of your identity. 

While you can cover each bike with an insurance policy, opting for a multi-bike policy could save money and give you peace of mind. To avoid confusion, it’s important to remember that multi-bike insurance coverage is usually for a single rider, but all bikes under the policy have the same level of protection. 

In this guide, we’ll explore how multi-bike insurance works, what to consider before getting a policy and how to find the best deals for your needs. 


What is multi-bike insurance?

Whether you use a motorcycle as your primary mode of transportation or enjoy cruising on the weekends, you’ll need insurance to ride on public roads. Insuring separate bikes can be costly, but multi-bike policies allow you to cover all your bikes. 

For example, if you use a motorbike for leisure, one for general transportation, and an off-road bike, combining all three into the same policy can save you a lot of time and reduce your monthly premiums. 

The types of multi-bike insurance 

Multi-bike insurance policies are similar to traditional car insurance, as there are different levels of coverage to choose between, with the most popular being: 

  • Comprehensive: Many people opt for comprehensive insurance policies, covering everything from theft, damage and accidents you cause. However, comprehensive policies are more expensive. 
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft: TPFT insurance covers damage to other people’s vehicles and theft and fire damage. 
  • Third Party: As the most basic form of coverage, third-party policies will only protect you against causing damage to other people’s vehicles. They’re the cheapest option, but you won’t receive money if anything happens to one of your bikes. 


Many companies also offer optional add-ons for each insurance policy, including breakdown cover, legal support and coverage for your accessories. 


Who can apply for multi-bike insurance?

Multi-bike insurance is available for anyone who owns motorbikes and is legally allowed to use them. However, the policies are often confused with multi-car insurance despite one key difference: multi-bike insurance is for single riders. 

Whether you actively use all of your motorcycles or collect classic models, you can find a policy that suits your needs. However, many insurance companies make adding additional riders to the policy harder. 

The main reason is the extra risks posed by named riders, especially if they’re younger or don’t have a long history of using motorbikes. 

Some providers will let you add riders, but this could increase your premiums. 

How many bikes can I add to my policy?

The amount of motorbikes you can add to your insurance policy depends on your provider. Some will cap it at three or four bikes, while others might offer unlimited bikes―although these are usually specialist companies that work with collectors. 

Can I add new bikes to existing policies?

Yes, you can – in most cases. However, it depends on the restrictions your insurance company sets in place. Most will allow you to add new bikes, but the premiums could change, and the company might ask you to pay an administrative fee. 


The benefits of multi-bike insurance coverage 

Multi-bike insurance offers many advantages for riders, including: 

  • Affordability: Insuring each bike means your costs will increase, but many insurance providers offer discounts for multi-bike policies. When you insure three or four bikes, the premiums can be cheaper than separate coverage. 
  • Convenience: Another benefit of a multi-bike policy is that it enables you to access all of your information in one convenient place. Instead of managing a group of policies, you can provide documentation and know when your coverage is running out. 
  • Flexibility: Choosing the right level of coverage can be challenging, but most multi-bike policies offer a choice between comprehensive, TPFT, and third-party coverage, each catering to different budgets. 
  • Specialist Policies: Collectors of classic bikes often struggle to find insurance providers, as most cater to mainstream clients. However, multi-bike policies are more flexible, and specialist insurance companies will cover your collection. 
  • No Claims Bonus: Applying an NCB reduces your insurance costs. Single policies only cover one bike, but a multi-bike policy allows you to apply the bonus to all your motorcycles. 

Potential limitations of multi-bike insurance: 

  • Higher Costs: Some insurers base the entire policy on the most valuable bike, so you could pay more. For example, if you have a classic sports bike and two general bikes, the value of the sports bike could increase your premiums. 
  • NCB Risks: Another important consideration is whether you want to risk your no-claims discount. Accidents with one bike can impact all your bikes, leading to higher insurance costs. 
  • Restrictions: Some insurance providers will cover a range of bikes, while others will limit you to four. However, you can always change policies when adding extra motorcycles. 


How to find a multi-bike insurance provider 

When choosing an insurance provider, remember to do your research. Many people rush into a decision and pay higher monthly amounts than needed. 

Using a price comparison site means you can compare quotes from many providers and you could save time and money. Once you find a suitable insurance company, you’ll have peace of mind and can enjoy your bikes. 



Price comparison sites are great ways to determine how much money you could save. Going straight to an insurance provider means you’re limited to the quotes they issue, but websites like MoneySpider make it easier for motorbike owners to access savings. 

Access quotes immediately and choose the provider that matches your needs. 

The benefits of registering an account

By registering an account you can manage all your details in one place, including setting up alerts when policies are due for renewal.

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